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DAVE - Angelika After Hours
120 mins. | Rated PG13
DAVE - Angelika After Hours
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Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) looks so much like President Bill Mitchell that he's asked to stand in for him after the chief executive suffers an unexpected stroke -- and he's stuck in the White House till Mitchell's staff (led by an unctuous Frank Langella) can decide what to do. Dave gets into the part, passing legislation and even developing a crush on Mitchell's estranged First Lady (Sigourney Weaver). This charming political comedy was directed by Ivan Reitman and features numerous cameo appearances by politicians, Washington insiders, and journalists; Oliver Stone also appears to explain a conspiracy theory regarding sudden changes in Bill Mitchell's behavior.  

Directed by
Ivan Reitman

Written By
Gary Ross

Cast Includes
Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Frank Langella


'94 Academy Award nominee Best Original Screenplay


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