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105 mins. | Rated R
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A hit at the Tribeca Film Festival, this British comedy takes a hilarious, progressive look at repressive times. The comedic, romantic action occurs in late 19th century England, when female hysteria was deemed to be “anything that makes males uncomfortable.” Hugh Dancy (ADAM) plays an earnest if naive young doctor who invents the electro–mechanical vibrator, and Jonathan Pryce is his superior, an unctuous authority on female hysteria with no use for modern ideas. Maggie Gyllenhaal brings everything into sharp comedic focus as Pryce’s daughter, a free thinking, fiercely independent suffragette in this delightful must see.

Directed by
Tanya Wexler

Written By
Stephen Dyer, Jonah Lisa Dyer

Cast Includes
Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce




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