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Angelika New York: Q&As Friday 9/10 following the 7:00pm show with director Janet Tobias with producers Dan Cogan and Ali Moss; and Saturday 9/11 following the 7:00pm show with DP Claudia Raschke

Angelika Pop-Up: Q&As Saturday 9/11 following the 7:00pm show and Sunday 9/12 following the 2:00pm show with Director Janet Tobias


FAUCI is a special engagement hosted by National Geographic and Magnolia. Proof of vaccination and face masks are required for all attendees. 


A glimpse into infectious disease specialist, Dr. Anthony Fauci who has led the U.S. fight against every epidemic the country has faced from AIDS to SARS to Ebola, and the ongoing COVID-19.

Directed By

John Hoffman, Janet Tobias


Anthony Fauci, Bono, Bill Gates, George W. Bush

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