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Angelika New York: Q&A with Justine Bateman Friday 10/29 following the 7:30pm show


There is a voice inside your head. It’s not the voice that tells you, “You can do it. Go for it!” It’s the voice that tears you down. You call it your conscience or your “committee.” It’s the voice that tells you, “Change that shirt. If you wear that to the party no one will talk to you.” Consciously or unconsciously, you register this worst-case scenario, of no-one-talking-to-you-at-the-party, and you change your shirt. You keep making those choices, trying to avoid this voice’s “worst-case scenarios.” You do it in your professional life, your romantic life, your social life, until you are so far away from being yourself that you start to forget what that is. VOILET is a feature film that follows Violet Calder, a 32 year-old film executive who realizes that The Voice has been lying to her. Her entire life. Written, directed, and produced by Justine Bateman.

Directed By

Justine Bateman

Written By

Justine Bateman


Luke Bracey, Olivia Munn, Justin Theroux

Events at Angelika New York

Oct 29

Q&A with Justine Bateman - VIOLET

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