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SHEPHERD is based on the award-winning and bestselling Israeli novel, "The Jewish Dog," by Asher Kravitz. Kaleb, a beloved German Shepherd, is separated from his Jewish family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted in WWII Berlin. He is adopted by an SS Officer who trains him to attack and round up Jews at a concentration camp. Kaleb is well cared for and good at his job until one day when he is distracted by a familiar scent. His original master, a young boy named Joshua, has arrived as a prisoner of the camp. Kaleb has not lost his loyalty to Joshua who finds solace in secretly visiting his dog at night. Joshua's life is at risk. Together they escape the camp and after months of near-death experiences, they are found by partisans who help Joshua make safe passage to Israel. 

Directed By

Lynn Roth

Written By

Lynn Roth, Asher Kravitz (novel)


August Maturo, Ken Duken, Ayelet Zurer 

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