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Village East: Q&As opening week --

Saturday 1/21 following the 7pm show with Rosalind Resnick, Lee Tyler, Joseph D’Onofrio, Al Linea and Nicola Gorham

Sunday 1/22 following the 3pm show with Rosalind Resnick, Lee Tyler, Danny Bolero, Georgia Kate Haege

Wednesday 1/25 following the 7pm show with Rosalind Resnick, Lee Tyler, Patrick Perez Vidauri, Samantha Simone, Jonas Barranca


When the three Perry sisters, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Mary, inherit a New York City townhouse from their Jane Austen-loving parents, the race is on to find a wealthy tenant to rent their garden apartment to cover their mortgage, taxes, and repairs to avoid losing their home and being forced to move to cheaper digs in New Jersey. Could arrogant real estate mogul George Barrow, a Darcyesque bachelor with no pets or kids, be Elizabeth's prince charming who saves the day or is his courtship just a ploy to put her townhouse into contract and turn the West Village into a hedgefunder Disneyland? Will Liz be tempted by bad boy handyman Tommy Leroy who looks so hot in a pair of skinny jeans or will she fall prey to married mortgage broker Sal Carmine who wants to get his hands in her pants? And what about Lydia, the scorching hot personal trainer, and Mary, the shy, reserved blogger who rarely leaves her house?


Directed By

Patrick Perez Vidauri

Written By

Rosalind Resnick


Sam Simone, Lee Tyler, Ernest Pierce

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